The Pros

Native language

French, Greek, Urdu, Spanish, British...


Due to our extensive traveling, we have selected the most high-end pro studios and auditionned the most qualified voice artists for your marketing campaigns.


Due to our personal relationships that cemented after many years of business interactions, all over Europe, we can provide you with the best offer for value, guarantee, premium quality and fast turnarounds

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Our vision


Affordable audio books for the blind, business online promotions in the form of videos, IVR telephone menus. Ready to apply language applications, e learning, relaxation and meditation audios.


Feelings through words, and sound is the biggest part of our business. Feeling of worth, feelings of time well spent, feeling of connection, value for money, and value given to each individual project as if it was our first.

Our vision is to cover the demand of the market that is middle to high, covering the needs of each client, big or small, for their business, their game, their advertising campaign. No short cuts, no discounts in quality, each and every voice is selected for their equipment, experience, but most importantly, their good character and understanding the needs of the client. Seasonned professionals who care with the enthusiasm they had when they first began.


We never lose sight of what makes life worth while and what is important, for a minute, or a lifetime.



Our Mission

Educating guiding and cultivating newcomers in the art of voice acting,give them a chance to shine, and earn a place in the market.


Create generous conditions of respect that creates a sense of connection, that we are all on the same side and we all want the project to succeed. Money is treated as a token of respect and worth, on both sides.

We strive at contacting all the business that offer a product that is good for the community, and create a relationship with them. We want to promote good products that make life easier for people with disabilities, applications that help and enhance the quality of life.

We want to promote events, write scripts and voice projects that bring us closer, and raise awareness. Everything in life is a choice, and we chose to make the world a better world, the best way we know how.

We are the tools that can help you create your brand, and make you feel good in the process.

Who we are

Voice artists, script writers, illustrators, business graduates and entrepreneurs.



We have worked for National Televisions in several countries, In television shows, commercials, e- learning applications, games, and audio books

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