How it works

WHY opt for Pro.

Because it makes sense

Everyone is trying to be seen in this sea of info, offers and data, and digital marketing becomes harder by the day for someone with a limited budget.

However there are still ways to pierce the veil of anonymity, and create a memorable content, be it in writing, a video or a commercial.

It takes a bit of talent, the right emotion, and the right price. We have a vast database of voice talents based all over the world, and sharp, intelligent copy writers.We have a vast list of outsourcing resources, people we have worked closely in the past, people with ethic standards, be it  videographers, animators or sound ingeniors. We also have the semi pro solution, consisting of voice students, people just starting in this business. We have more than 15 years of experience in the field and we cherry pick the best, because we want loyalty from both sides and we strive to create balance between quality and price.

Ask us for samples, it's free.

 These flexible, versatile solutions allow us as a company  to have competitive prices, which is good for you, the client, whether you have a start-up in need of content, a company in need of a telephone menu or an audio for your app or a video you want to diffuse, an elearning audiofor your employees, or a marketing promo script and voice to promote your lates product. We are a mini advertising agency, compacted into the voice industry. You get 2 for one, and you pay less, for more.


This solution is for you, if you have the intention to use our services often. You get a 20% discount out of every project

Voice training

This is for you if you are a beginner, passed the auditory test and want to be trained the secrets of acting, reading and basic recording.


If you need a slogan, a pitch, a script, an article, a newsletter, a story board, contact us.

A voice agent's work...

...consists of talking to possible clients about budget, content strategy, voice description and deadlines. A voice agent choses the right voice or scouts for the right voices, negotiates prices, drafts contracts and NDA's, file and manage audio files, sends feedback and corrections, exercise quality control, forwards files to client who then proceeds to chose the voice they want.

Should the client chose to go to another direction, the hours spent are not billable Should the client choose the voice artist to represent their product, the voice agent acts as mediator and guarantee the work done will be there on time, of the upmost quality, and that payment will go through. The voice agent makes sure that any changes after recording are paid, and that both client and voice artist are satisfied.

Once client is invoiced then, and only then is the agent paid for their work.

A voice trainers work...

consist of teaching narration , vocal tone, give feedback in dying at the end voices, mumbling, saliva noises, nose noises. It consists of teaching vocal exercises, basic editing, basic recording, acting exercises and finding your true voice. It consists of elocution, logotherapy and breaking down audio patterns that are native, to allow the right rhythm, tone and mood to reach out and touch the listener.

We are always looking for interns in the field